RPG the Series


The Big Bang Theory meets Game of Thrones in this brand new trans-dimensional TV series.


Currently at the most pivotal point in its development, RPG is taking the leap from proof of concept to 8 episode independent series, with a full franchise chock full of intellectual property and merchandising opportunities close behind.

Bear in Mind is working closely with the writer / creator as brand developers, consultants and producers as we prepare for filming in the summer of 2018.

"When five nerds play their favorite roleplaying game, we are brought into the world of Paracosm, where our characters are transformed into their imagined alter egos.   But while their bodies are left behind, their problems come with them in this reality-bending dark comedy."

Bear in Mind does more than general management and marketing. They turn dreams into reality. They're able to help turn ideas and conversations into tangible, beautiful packets, web designs, shows and films. They help organize projects and push it towards its completion. Always reliable and ready to collaborate, they are a pleasure to work with. My projects would be lost without them!


Shane Snider  |  Writer - RPG the Series

Director - Fraction of Infinite