Actor: Cornelia Groeger


Cornelia started acting at a young age and rediscovered her passion in NYC. She is a seasoned actress and lover of the performing arts. Her credits include Winnifred in Primer by Misha Templar Sinclair at the Winterfest, Hudson Guild Theatre; Like a Virgin by Stephan Baluzy and Waiting for Dinglemans Comet by Albi Gorn at the 20/20 Aery Festival, Philipstown Depot Theatre, Cindy in Latin Beat by Laura Toffler-Corrie at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Carmen in Axial Theatre’s staged reading of In Her Awkward Fist by Wayne Paul Mattingly and Constance in The Space In-Between by Misha Templar Sinclair in Axial’s Twisted Valentines.


Bear in Mind Creative were delighted to work with Connie to showcase her talents via a responsive desktop and mobile website that makes her rightfully stand out of the crowd.

I love love LOVE my website.  It is so wonderful to simply give people my web address so they can see my reel, headshots and work instead of forwarding lots of attachments.  The beautiful design on desktop and mobile means I can be confident directing people to my site at any time.  Bear in Mind really understood who I am and illustrated that perfectly in their design.


Cornelia Groeger

Actor  |  New York City