Broadway Bound Theatre Festival


Broadway Bound Theatre Festival was co-founded over coffee in 2016 by Lenore Skomal, Rick Sayers and Bear in Mind Creative. Their goal was to create a theatrical celebration of the highest standard which truly valued the playwrights and their work whilst setting a new bar for other indie-festivals.


What resulted was to become the gold standard of theatre festivals, honored by the Dramatists Guild of America, featured in The New York Times and publicly recognized as a revolutionary new way for Off Broadway to operate.


Bear in Mind played the role of General Managers in the project and together with Lenore and Rick, wore many hats as they built the festival from the ground up. BBTF's inaugural year saw 20 playwrights develop, hone and produce their new works for a total audience of thousands. Many of the 2017 alumni have already achieved additional success and continue to use the skills gained from their BBTF experience to create, present and produce.


Broadway Bound Theatre Festival 2018 is already underway with BiM returning as General Managers.

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival would not exist as it does right now without the marketing genius of Bear in Mind Creative. But it's more than just having a professional, vibrant, interactive web presence. It's about having a boots-on-the-ground team to work with us on making our festival and our branding top notch.


Rick Sayers  |  Business Manager

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival