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We design everything from social media graphics right through to advertisements, 
printed programs, brochures, posters, promotional items, signage and more.

Let us tell your story with a beautiful desktop and mobile site, expert Search Engine Optimization,  integrated social media and e-marketing.

During this 60 minute consultation, we fill in the blanks of where your project is versus where you want it to be, and create a step-by-step strategy to get you there.

We manage specific Theatre, TV and Film projects. We separate you from the day-to-day of mounting and running a show so you can focus on the artistic quality.

Let us create the perfect setting for your creative production - from sound and lighting right through to stage management and set design.

Our Services

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival would not exist as it does right now without the marketing genius of Bear in Mind Creative. But it's more than just having a professional, vibrant, interactive web presence. It's about having a boots-on-the-ground team to work with us on making our festival and our branding top notch.


Rick Sayers  |  Business Manager

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

Recent Work
Branding, Marketing &
Website Design

Your marketing materials are the first chance you get to impress your customer.  Whether it be to get them to visit your restaurant for a bite to eat, or pique enough interest to buy tickets to your show.

Our full range of services cover social media design and marketing, traditional media such as print ads, posters and brochures, logo and brand creation and more.

Our website design services include a full mobile site, integrated e-marketing, expert SEO & analytics.


Strategic Consultation & 
General Management

A master class in self-production, our 60 minute consultations take you through: creating realistic timelines, budgeting, crowdfunding, making an impact on investors, putting together a creative team (including working with unions), picking a venue, negotiating contracts, pinpointing your target audience, marketing: print, digital, press releases, and offer an honest post-production post-mortem.

We also offer full General Management and Production Design services for theatre, TV and film.


Abby Judd [BiM] rocks. She's clever, inspired, energized, thoughtful, so easy to work with and a complete blast to have in the room. Her designs never fail to get the sort of compliments and comments every artist dreams of hearing post-show: 'The show looked and sounded amazing!' She's always got my back during the show, she handles everything thrown at her with a level-head, and she's just a generally super cool person. The greatest.


Joe Iconis

Musical Theatre Composer  - Smash

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